JMichael Photography
My Animal Friends

A Whooping Crane in Miami Metro Zoo.

Whooping Crane Miami Metro Zoo January 2000
These birds mate for life. Where's the other crane?

No swimming allowed.


....Thar shes blows.

Blue Whale
The Largest Animal to ever live on earth.
Near Catalina Island California September 2002

A very lovable kitty with HUGE feet

Aspen the Lynx
Wildlife on Wheels Shadowland California June 2003

The Queen of the Jungle.

Lioness Miami Metro Zoo January 2000

I used a little dog food for chumming up young gators. It worked well. They pretty much swarmed around.

Gatorland Saint Augustine Florida January 2000

This is the sweetest baby.

Kinkajou Baby "Nadia"
This is the softest creature that I have ever felt.
She is better than teddy bears.
WOW Shadowland June 2003

1200 pound Fish that is very rare

Mola Mola aka Oceanic Sunfish
This fish weighs up to 3300 pounds and eats only jellyfish
which are 98% water.
Near Catalina Island California September 2002.

I think therefore I am....... My butt itches..... What tastes better?.......cardboard or leaves or boogers, hmmmm

98% Human DNA nucleus.
Los Angeles Zoo April 2003

The forward primate was unaware of the primate in the rear who had just turned a flip to land prone 2 seconds earlier.

Young Chimp and Young Man
Can you see the resemablance?

These are whales rather than dolphins

Pilot Whales

Near Dana Point California September 2002

 Big Bad Wolf San Jacquin Mountains

Wolf in the wild

Cute Little Stinker.

A baby skunk raised by itself is very friendly with humans,
A baby skunk raised with other skunks is just another skunk.

 Bath time for handsome Bear. He was my trusted friend. I went into the cage with him armed only with a peanut butter and honey sandwich on wheat bread.

Front page of the Birmingham News July 1994
Cooling off a 900 pound bear with a firehose.
That is me on top of the moat with the firehose.

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 Armadillo and Ignuna share lunch

The very odd couple dine together in peace.

 Reptile doing what reptiles do. rest until time to eat.

big ol lizard at the LA Zoo.

A photograph slideshow of every known crocodile species in the world. photographed at Gatorland Saint Augustine Florida January 2000

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