This is a contract to secure the services and talents of James Michael Warren as my wedding photographer on (date of wedding service)__________________ at (location of wedding)_______________________________________________from beginning time _______ for a period of ___________ hours and up to _______________ photographs.

The photographer provides his own camera equipment, film, processing of film, double prints, all photographs on digital compact disk, original negatives and the following addtional services___________________________________________________________ to the client in exchange for payment of $______ .

The photographer warrants his work to be of acceptable quality to the client or he will keep the photographs and refund the entire fee. No other warranty nor liability is implied.

I also grant permission for the photographs to be used for advertising the services of the photographer on the website

U.S copyright law states that the copyright of any photograph belongs to the photographer even if that photographer is employed by another person or company for the purpose of creating that photograph. In the event that the photograph is published by the client proper photographer credit will be issued as "Photo by".

In the unlikely event of cancellation of the event or of the photographers service with less than 30 days notice, 25% of the total fee will be forfeited to the photographer. With 30 days notice 15% will be forfeited. The remaining balance will be returned to the client in a timely fashion.

If the photographer should cancel all fees will be returned to the client.

To secure these services 50% of the fee will be paid in advance with the remaining 50% payable in cash or certified check on the day of the event.

Client Signature ___________________
Home Address ________________________ City______________________
State___________ Zip____________ Telephone _____________________
Email address__________________ drivers license number_______________
Photographer signature _________________
James Michael Warren 9618 Exposition Blvd #223 Los Angeles CA 90034
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