Having acquired my first camera, a Pentax ME Super SLR in 1977, I had the great fortune in having a photographic mentor who taught me to first how to see the world as a photograph with my eyes and record it on my own mind and only then how to record that image with a camera.

Websterís dictionary defines a camera as a light proof box fitted with a lens through the aperture of which the image of an object is recorded on a light sensitive material. I prefer to think of a camera as a method to freeze a moment in time, namely right now, so that it can be shared and admired in the future. As a way to describe a memory with out the need for words.

My first camera required a deep understanding for the relationship of aperture, depth of field, time of exposure, focus, steady hands, the willingness to use lots of film, make thousands of mistakes and mainly the ability to learn from those mistakes. I discovered eventually the 2 great secrets to being known as a great photographer. The first big trick is to be standing at the right place at the right time with a camera with film in it. The second secret is to throw away more pictures than you keep. This great old camera finally fell apart in my hands 50,000 photographs and 23 years later.

My current camera is a Canon EOS Digital Rebel 300D using a 2 gig memory card. Gone forever are the limits of film. I can take 700 6.3 megapixal photographs without reloading. I just shoot without limits now. When I fill that card I just load another of my 2 1 gig cards and keep clicking away. Even the battery is unlimited as I have 4 batteries fully charged and ready to go. So I practically have the ability to take 1400 photographs of the highest quality every time I carry my camera out to an event. And I have a full backup system with 35mm film camera that is fully compatable with my primary camera system.

Technically it is hard to take a dud photo with it. The onboard computer meters the exposure according to the lighting conditions and adjusts all phases even the flash duration thru the lens in accordance with whatever film is loaded. This frees the photographer to concentrate on creating conceptual art with the subject matter and the composition and framing of the shot rather than fiddling with meters and knobs and settings. Itís now much easier for me to hand you a memory and I rarely throw away a photograph.

My newest camera the Canon Digital Rebel with the optional double battery pack for twice the lifetime and 2 gig memory card that cost $300 by it's self for something the size of a matchbox that holds 700 6.3 megapixal photographs without reloading. And a smart flash with thru the lens computerized sync. Killer rig that cost about $2000 and takes years to master. I'm proud to say that I've done what it takes to master a camera like this.

I love taking photographs. Getting paid to really cut loose with my camera, well it just doesnít get any sweeter than that. Iíll be looking forward to your wedding day almost as much yourself.

So what brings this 47 year old southern gentleman from Alabama to Los Angeles, California?


Call or email me and ask to hear the story of love found in the most unlikely ofplaces that caused me to move 2500 miles west and 100 years into the present.†† †††††

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My  second newest camera the Canon 35mm Rebel. And a smart flash with thru the lens computerized sync. Digital is cool but I still love film cameras. This is the type of camera I spent all those years mastering photography with. I still love film cameras and the photographs that result from using film.

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