My photography is very high quality yet priced right.
You may wonder how this is possible. It is very simple to explain.
I am talented individual with a world class camera rig
that has a passion for photography and an intense desire to please
you, my clients.

I don't have a studio, you would not want to
to get married in a studio. I shoot my photographs where and when you
need photography done. I have a full time job that pays well, yet the
the photography that I do is a passion for creativity that I
excel at. I do this because I really enjoy being your photographer.

I invite you to compare the cost of my service verses
other photographers as well as the quality of my photography.

I think that you will agree the services that I offer are a great value
for your money.

The most important issue to me to get the best possible photographs
of your wedding day. That is what I do best.

And I do it at a fraction of the cost of comparable photographers.