The Cost Of That Special Day

First of all it is important to note that memorable weddings
are not all about spending a fortune.
Weddings are about everybody enjoying themselves
and this can be achieved just as well on a smaller budget
as it can when spending megabucks.

It is best to set a budget right from the start
and be ruthlessly realistic
as to what you can afford
to spend on the day.
Make a list of everything you will need to pay for,
from the registrar's fees to the favors.

Decide which elements of the day are your priority
- for instance, having spectacular flowers
may be less important to you than holding
a big reception or vice versa.

People appreciate the trouble and expense that is
involved with throwing a wedding bash
and that it is better to invite a limited number of guests
and give them plenty to eat and drink
than to invite more than you can comfortably entertain and cater for.

Get quotes from a number of companies and
check on the small print
so you know what is included in the price,
and what they will be extra there are that you weren't expecting
to have to pay for.
Read very carefully.

There will be surprises that is for sure.
For example an outdoor wedding with more than say
10 guests will need an audio system so that
everyone can hear the vows as they are spoken.

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